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Training Courses

Fire Warden Training & Fire Safety

We act as your fire consultants on all matters relating to fire safety. We can also train your employees as emergency response teams; fire, chemicals, using breathing apparatus and other emergencies. We also provide in-house fire warden training and evacuation and fire extinguisher training. All training is provided in compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act (General Applications) Regulations 1993.

Your instructor is a professional fire officer.

Employers: Staff Safety
Course Duration 10 Hours Over 10 Weeks

Do you have concerns for the safety of your staff who, at times, through no fault of their own and due to the nature of the business, find themselves in difficult situations? We can train your team in personal protection and how to take control of a situation using minimal force.

Your instructor is a professional international bodyguard and close-quarter combat expert.

Personal Safety: Private Lessons
One To One/Family/Group Of Four

Ten one-hour lessons in self-defence and close combat (over 10 weeks) could end up being the best decision you will ever make. You only have to read the papers to realise how easy it is to be in the wrong place at the wrong time – be confident in yourself with no fear as you make your way to safety.

Your instructor is a professional international bodyguard and close-quarter combat expert.

UK SIA Close Protection Officer
Course Duration 138 Hours

To be considered for this course you must be of good character and have a full Garda vetting background check prior to your application.

Tactical Firearms
Duration: 1 Week Location: International

As a UK SIA Close Protection Officer we can train you in tactical firearms and anti-ambush drills.

Your instructors are European Special Forces Military Combatants.

Province 5 Security is approved and has the quality mark from the following authorities:

  • The Private Security Authority (PSA) Licence No. 00463

  • EQA Ireland: Assessment Standard: PSA 28:2013 Door Supervision/Guarding Services

  • Members of the Security Institute of Ireland

  • Fully Insured Security Company

  • Hold a Valid Tax Clearance Cert from the Revenue Commissioners

  • Irish Security Authority Trainers – FETAC Certified Staff